Investors Facilitation Services

The best way is to develop and follow a plan. Start with your goals in mind and then work backwards to develop the plan.

Soft ground landing services

Our soft ground landing network will ensure that investors entering the country or expanding will be provided with accelerated introductions to Rwanda’s business practices, regulations and culture. We help investors make contacts more quickly and efficiently while providing access to resources necessary to meet their business goals.

We are familiar with worries of potential investors about the costly and confusing challenges associated with testing new markets or operating from abroad.

We develop customized effective Landing Programs to help international firms, looking to open subsidiary divisions as well as domestic companies headquartered outside the region, to take advantage of these soft landing platforms to help them expand, establish their presence in Rwanda’s most thriving business environment and to quickly adapt and connect to Doing Business in Rwanda

The following services are some of our soft landing services we offer to investors;

  • We ensure investors secure office space with flexible lease terms
  • We facilitate connections and networking opportunities with Rwanda’s business community
  • We carry out domestic market research and provide Immigration and entry visa support services
  • We secure best language and culture trainers and translation services
  • We assist in easily accessing experts concerning import/export laws
  • We assist them to easily access training and meeting rooms
  • We assist them in patent and Intellectual property protection
  • We provide assistance with government documents and licenses acquisitions
  • We provide assistance in understanding and meeting government regulations
  • We help them access media and press release creation and distribution

Investment Seminars facilitation

Our FDI attraction strategy helps to facilitate and assist potential foreign investors in the following;

  • We keep them informed about the planned and upcoming investment seminars of their best interest;

  • We prepare attractive Seminar contents for potential investors and submit to them electronically earlier before time

  • We inform our clients about the city and venue where investment seminars will be and assist in providing them with all required facts about the host country

  • We liaise with RDB to ensure attractive, customized marketing materials promoting the country and sectors, such as prepared presentations, one-pager note, seminar websites, registration forms and other

  • We assist in promoting investment Seminars to potential investors and targeted companies, Business Associations, Embassies, Trade & Development Organizations
  • We assist to offer tailored treatment requests and needs to our clients regarding investments

  • We make and provide detailed reports including profile of attendees, type of investment project, key concerns to our clients to address, next steps, contact data, etc

Investment guides development services;

We create guides for investors on how to start doing business in Rwanda by designing an international business factor framework to show potential foreign investors the competitive advantages of doing business in Rwanda including not only key information, but also key contacts of government authorities and local business decision makers who play very important role in the process of site selection and soft landing for the foreign investors.

We offer the following factor framework to our clients;

  • Business opportunities that include current demand and needs for products or services
  • Business Environment for companies already doing business in the region and the markets
  • Potential and likely successful business models to start operations in the region
  • Business Development Strategies
  • Legal and operational permits
  • Taxes, Customs, logistics and government incentives
  • Human Resources availability, including skills, costs and employment terms
  • Academic Infrastructure such as technical schools and universities information
  • Quality of Life such as entertainment, culture, health services and facilities
  • Political environment such as attitude towards business, government programs and investor incentives
  • Geography and climate facts such as topography, temperature, humidity, winds, rainfall and seismicity
  • Accessibility such as to airports, roads, highways, freight services and costs, distances to key business cities
  • Supply Base such as services that support the industry such as administrative, packaging, customs, maintenance, tooling, etc
  • Infrastructure such as internet and telecommunication facilities, land reserves for development, utilities availability and costs

Commercial Missions

There are 2 types of Commercial Missions offered by Rwanda Corporate League Ltd, they include;

  • Inviting potential investors to visit Rwanda where we assist them such as showing them infrastructure, real estates, potential clientele, labor pool, logistics providers, and other competitive advantage as a result of establishing their business headquarters in Rwanda;

  • Integrating a team of local companies and arranging to interest them with taking commercial missions abroad or in other regions to bench mark and share best practices, promote their products and services as well as networking opportunities;

Some of our best practice services we offer to our clients under commercial mission function include;
  • Planning the agenda of commercial missions
  • Getting B2B meetings scheduled for each agenda
  • Arranging suitable team of delegates to visit,
  • Luring attendees of interest and by delivering official communications and invitations to target investors
  • Promoting the Commercial Mission to get companies to register while coordinating all logistical needs Integrating a soft landing incubator programs
  • Connecting companies with key buyers at the region and global markets and business decision makers

B2B Meetings & Networks;

We ensure to assist investors to connect with potential investors in their various sectors at industrial trade shows, investment seminars, and exhibitions Our assistance services range from;

  • Determining best Trade Shows to attend based on key investors attendance or other investor interests

  • Assist in planning and scheduling appointments to connect with decision makers before, during and after these events

  • Assisting in preparation of key marketing materials to present before, during and after the B2B Meeting

  • Integrating reports of telemarketing, email marketing and other implemented strategies to determine which one will work best.

  • Drawing on international expertise and Global investment agencies, experts, other to connect to investor databases

  • Adhering and capitalizing on Information exchange networks and assisting in promotion of investment linkages

Financial and Logistics Planning Services;

Because we are aware of affordable solutions that helps investors to meet their personal financial requirements and achieving their goals, we ensure our financial planning services that we provide assists inward investors in setting up financial plans that reduces on their current liabilities and expenses during their stay in Rwanda henceforth securing them a more wealthy future and comfortable stay in Rwanda

Some of our financial planning services for investors include the following;

Health: Expatriates and foreigners more than anyone else need to examine the value of private medical insurance. Being in a foreign country where the cost and availability of medical cover is bound to vary, expatriates need the peace of mind that private medical insurance can provide.

We therefore assist to advise and recommend the most suitable insurance plans for our clients’ needs and situations. Other financial support services that we extend to investors to generate their best investment experiences include but not limited to;

  • Family protection assistance advises such as personal financial security for their family members and friends in the event of unforeseen circumstances

  • Travel support services both inland and incoming and outgoing teams

  • Mortgages, leases and property ownership

  • Offshore banking advises and assistance

  • Savings and retirement benefits transfers

  • Trusts

Marketing & Communication;

We facilitate and capitalize on this function by carrying out the following tasks to our clients; We assist to register Brand Rwanda and sub brands into Global Brand Index and help to measure the power and quality, authenticity and uniqueness across several dimensions of competitiveness.

We help brands in;

  • Brand Performance Evaluation & Monitoring
  • Impact assessment on Trade, tourism, Investments, ICT, Skills….
  • Feedback effect: Acceptability, absorption and referral levels
  • Testimonial Moments of Truth
  • Sustainability of brands

We create customized, branded saleable investment and or marketing proposals for our clients to lead targets. We do this by extending the following services;

Profiling existing consumers in which products intend to be marketed and sold ;

  • Ascertain legal and financial systems that help to make manufacturing and exporting feasible
  • Offer Aids to trade services that enable our clients to offer reliable deliveries of their products locally, regionally and internationally
  • Recommend and avail all required IT and telecoms infrastructures that would enable the firm to ‘plug in’ to the global economy
  • Assist to negotiate stable and business-friendliness with government and help to secure fair and consistent taxation policies and trade exemptions
  • Assist our clients with securing reliable supply chain players, stakeholders and raw materials
  • Assist our clients to identify, recruit and retain a labor force with the necessary skills and creativity
  • Assist our clients to identify and determine stable currency and a dependable banking sector services and potential access to capital sources in the future need

PR and Branding services;

We help our clients to capitalizing on hosted business and investment events by;

  • Maximizing media coverage, through initiation of a shift from traditional media coverage of event to incorporate a pre, during and post event coverage for our brands and clientele;
  • We help to create a balanced coverage of our brands / clients at events by ensuring higher coverage of all relevant topics about our clients though might be non-event related;