CSR Consulting

The best way is to develop and follow a plan. Start with your goals in mind and then work backwards to develop the plan.


Over the past 10 years, corporate social responsibility — or sustainability — has been steadily growing from a mere showoff of companies, to an admirable goal for a few companies to an almost certain must do/requirement for many businesses and corporations.

Beyond “going green,” sustainability is a holistic approach that integrates environmental, social-economic, ethical and governance considerations into corporate strategy. So, companies are encouraged to responsibly meet the above immediate demands without compromising their ability to remain profitable and enjoy strong reputation over the long term.

RCL Ltd has expertise in developing corporate sustainability programs that address all facets of an organization’s needs. We offer expertise on strategies that make businesses more efficient and initiatives that engage key stakeholders. We forge collaboration with leadership to integrate stakeholder perspectives into operations.

Our field of Expertise include;

Developing impactful & Sustainable CSR Projects

We actively engage with our clients in formulating Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies and policies related to sustainability taking into account their specific needs and objectives and enable them to grasp the competitive advantage that CSR can provide for their business goals. This involves;

  • Setting up the overall direction for where the firm wishes to go in its CSR work
  • Determining specific priority areas
  • Establishing immediate next steps.

Different companies do face different stages of awareness on CSR. This, together with the particularities of their business will determine the content of the strategy: some may decide to adopt a "minimum necessary" stance while others may engage in strategic priorities into particular areas. Nevertheless, a good CSR strategy is all that RCL will provide.

CSR Training & Curriculum

Organizational change towards responsible business demands specific sustainability know-how and skills gained through experience and knowledge share in CSR projects. This is achieved through dedicated sustainability and CSR trainings.

Our training curricula is a portal to information, case related expertise, practical insights, best practices, tools and guidelines for professionals and companies engaged in driving the organizational change towards responsible businesses.

It is tailored for companies committed to manage their impacts on stakeholders, environment and the communities in which they operate. We are working on a project proposal to the government of Rwanda through the ministry of education to embed CSR as a subject of its own into the national education curriculum of the higher learning institutions in Rwanda.

The RCL team is working on a detailed CSR course outline to present to the responsible body of the republic of Rwanda to analyze, deliberate and consult for possible approval and adoptability into the education curriculum.

Goal and Objectives

The goal is to enable a rebirth of highly knowledgeable young graduates in the CSR discipline.

This shall facilitate increased competences of CSR Managers to take up CSR or PR positions and come up with impactful and sustainable strategies for the communities and stakeholders of their enterprises.

All our trainings respond to a set of general objectives in terms of knowledge and skills transfer.

CSR Communication and Reporting

This field involves;

  • CSR Report
  • Communication
  • CSR Media
  • CSR Publications

CSR Reports

Our expertise is not limited to nonfinancial environmental, social-economic and governance reporting. RCL Ltd also advises companies about their disclosure efforts and helps communicate relevant data to various public audiences through integrated reporting.

We help companies to the disclosure of a company’s nonfinancial performance in a single document or website. We facilitate in the generation of sustainability reports that help organizations communicate their policies and priorities to the public.

We promote standardization of sustainability reporting that shall manage what will become some of the region's most widely accepted standards for sustainability reporting.

CSR Communication

We use different Corporate Social Responsibility communication strategies that are adapted individually, case by case to the needs and standards of the company and its environment.

All our strategies are separated into internal and external measures and are adjusted to the status of the project. We work on project levels from local to international in transforming internal CSR projects to broadly being accepted and acclaimed company measures.

We work hard to raise the profile of corporate brands, protect their/your reputation or shape perceptions of the corporation amongst multiple stakeholders. RCL Ltd also works to advance their/your corporate goals, with the aim of improving their/your ability to operate successfully in the markets they/you choose.

Our communication packages are;

  • Basic
  • Standard
  • All inclusive.

Our communication steps are;

  • Introductory
  • Supportive
  • Final

CSR Media

It's a common phenomenon worldwide where media doesn't pick up on issues related to Corporate Social Responsibility, until it's too late or at least until a disaster occurs in a corporation. Secondly, it's due to commercial self-interest viewed by media and implied by the corporations. Yet, if these facts were well presented, this would create greater direct and indirect impact towards the attainment of sustainable growth in our communities.

Progress with sustainable development requires the involvement of all sectors of society, not just business, civil society, international partners and government. The media's understanding and sustained intelligent coverage of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) agenda is a necessary precondition for real progress. Media has a pivotal role they can play in promoting social responsibility and sustainable development in any country.

At RCL, we forge relationships with media to work together towards a common goal, improving the perception and performances of CSR initiatives.

This is attained through the following;
  • Media Partnerships
  • CSR campaigns/projects for the media
  • Media coverage
  • Media training in CSR coverage
  • Media channel engagements
  • Media Awarding

We use digital media, social media, print, magazines, broadcasting, radio stations, internet, celebrity and experiential as some of our media channels and partners

CSR Publications

CSR Materials: At RCL ltd, we consult for organizations in producing a number of structured and tailored CSR materials. These range from Brochure, Newsletters, Press Releases, Fliers and all outdoor materials.

CSR Magazine: At the RCL, we publish a CSR Magazine, covering various articles and contributions, opinions, testimonies, excerpts, pictorial, press ads, columns and CSR Quotes and insights from CSR experts, managers, beneficiaries, partners and/or academicians and advertisers. The RCL CSR Magazine is a NOT FOR SELL quarterly copy.